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Posted 1 year ago


Posted 1 year ago

Started a dope new bass track. My APC loves it.

Posted 1 year ago

I finally released a new bass track the other day. Have a listen!
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Ohh, snap. ;3

Cup from the #future. Everytime you take a drink a trifecta of lazers enter your mouth oriface.

New #midi controller.

Friday Night @ Club Rio SATX
Performing tons of new original tracks along with my motion midi glitch controller. You bet I’m going to have a blast. ;)

vanityarias: You are suck a try hard.


Says the one who wanted me to take her virginity.

Posted 1 year ago


:3 #adventuretime

Shoutout to Samuel from California for being a G. #spacethugs #bass #lasers #glitch

Fellow #spacethugs, peep the new Havoc Jewel logo.